Sep 5, 2018

BCN3D Releases Sigma R19 & Sigmax R19 3D Printers

Open Source 3D printer manufacturer BCN3D has just lifted the lid on the Sigma R19 and Sigmax R19 3D printers. New features include custom hotends by E3D, Bondtech extruders, filament runout detection and other across the board improvements.

BCN3D, a leading manufacturer of open source 3D printers, has just released two new printers into the wild. Upgrades on the company’s Sigma R17 and 2017-released Sigmax 3D printers, the Sigma R19 and Sigmax R19 bring improvements and new features.

Sticking with its effective Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) system and sculptural casing that BCN3D printers are recognizable for, you would be forgiven for thinking nothing has really changed.

Here, the real change lies within. Specifically, in the bits and bolts comprising the extrusion system, and the feats of fused deposition modeling that these R19 machines are capable of.

We’ve partnered together with top world manufacturers such as E3D and Bondtech in order to equip our 3D printers with the top-grade components available nowadays in the 3D printing industry,” says Xavier Martinez, CEO of BCN3D Technologies.

New Hardware

BCN3D’s contemporary printers all utilize a swappable Hotend Family of print heads to achieve a variety of different printing tasks. This system gets an upgrade in the Sigma R19 and Sigmax R19 thanks to British 3D printing OEM, E3D. In partnership with BCN3D, the company has optimized the full suite of hot ends, ensuring E3D’s signature high-quality performance across the board.

Swedish extruder manufacturer Bondtech also features prominently. Following the introduction of its hardware to the BCN3D ecosystem with the launch of the Sigmax last year now both the Sigma and Sigmax feature extruders that drive filament using Bontech’s precision machined dual-gear system, meaning the virtual elimination of grinding and filament slippages.

Marc Felis, Technologies Marketing Manager at BCN3D, explains: “The ultimate test of a product comes when the users confront it, not just from a list of its specifications. That’s why we’ve taken special care of each phase of the user experience.

Indeed, further hardware and usability improvements come in the form of a mechanical filament detection switch — which will automatically pause the job should the filament run out mid-print — and revised GUI, which is said to offer a smoother user experience through guided assistants, maintenance tips and deeper system settings.

Duplication Mode on the Sigma R19 (Image: BCN3D)

New Tricks

We’re fond of BCN3D’s IDEX printing system. In our review of the company’s 2017 Sigma release, we praised the company’s successful simplification of dual extrusion.

In the intervening year, BCN3D released a larger version: the Sigmax. Doubling the print volume of the Sigma, the Sigmax introduced new print modes to utilize both print heads at once – something that remained missing from the Sigma — until now, that is.

Indeed, the Sigma R19 has learned some new tricks from its bigger sibling with the Mirror and Duplication printing modes now enabled. This means double the productivity with two prints running in parallel or mirrored.

Hotend Family — swappable E3D hot ends for the Sigma R19 and Sigmax R19 (Image: BCN3D)

And More

Alongside the release of the Sigma R19 and Sigmax R19, BCN3D has announced a new enclosure that features a HEPA air filter. In addition to letting you print temperature sensitive materials, the enclosure strips harmful particles released during printing from the air.

Also new with the R19 printers is an updated version of BCN3D’s fork of Cura. Now on version 2.1.0, the slicer includes optimized print profiles for the company’s range of technical materials.

Last, but by no means least, the company is keeping in the spirit of openness, giving users of previous Sigma and Sigmax machines the opportunity to upgrade to R19 spec, rather than purchasing a new machine. This will take the form of upgrade kits available from November.

Of course, being fully Open Source, you can expect to see source files, design and BOMs for the new printers online in the coming months too.

The Sigma R19 and Sigmax R19 are available now from the BCN3D website and resellers, retailing at 2,475€ and 3,695€ (excl. VAT), respectively. The printers are expected to ship from September 12 onward.

BCN3D Sigmax R19 (Image: BCN3D)

BCN3D Releases Sigma R19 & Sigmax R19 3D Printers .


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