Feb 27, 2018

25 Must-Have Anet A8 Upgrades & Mods in 2018

Want to improve your Anet A8 3D printer? Thanks to the growing Anet A8 3D printing community, here are the 25 best Anet A8 upgrades and mods to improve your 3D printing experience.

Since it first came onto the scene, the Anet A8 has been a consistent player in the low-cost end of the consumer 3D printing market. The Chinese manufactured printer has become a popular starting point for makers and hobbyists on a budget. For under $200, you get a DIY kit that will teach you the ins and outs of FDM 3D printing, and if all goes according to the build plan, will provide you with decent 3D prints for the price point.

However, many people in the 3D printing community have raised valid concerns about the safety and overall print quality of the Anet A8. As you might assume, an extremely cheap 3D printer kit will come equipped with similarly cheap components, which could ultimately impact performance and usability in a negative way.

But no need to fear. There’s a good reason why many users consider this DIY 3D printer to be an adequate project 3D printer. There are a number of Anet A8 upgrades and mods that will slowly transform your budget DIY 3D printer into an impressive machine. Some of the Anet A8 upgrades and mods can be 3D printed right on the spot. Others can be purchased and mounted onto the 3D printer to improve certain aspects of the 3D printing experience.

In the following list, we’ve got the ultimate collection of Anet A8 upgrades and mods on both sides of the spectrum. From an entirely new metal frame to a simple 3D printable extruder button, your 3D printer will look like an entirely new machine by the time you’re through.

There the first section is about the best Anet A8 upgrades can buy, the second section is about the upgrades you can 3D print or do yourself.

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Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods to Buy

There are a lot of Anet A8 upgrades and mods that you can 3D print on your own. But for some of the most important ones, you’ll need to purchase them elsewhere. In this section, we’ll show you some must-have components that improve both safety and 3D printing quality.


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods MOSFET

Anet A8/A6 upgrades - MOSFET

What is this Anet A8 upgrade?  The addition of a MOSFET is one of the most important Anet A8 upgrades you can buy. Across growing Anet A8-related communities on the internet, some of the biggest concerns about this 3D printer are related to fire safety. This is why many users deem the MOSFET to be the essential upgrade for this DIY 3D printer.

The MOSFET will will help prevent the motherboard from potentially overheating and taking on too much pressure. This Anet A8 upgrade is said to reduce fire risk, and also provide better voltage to the motors.

The most common use of the MOSFET with the Anet A8 3D printer is to regulate the high workload that the heated bed places upon the mainboard. The high current of the hot bed can lead to stress for the mainboard connectors, and increases the possibility of a fire hazard or hardware malfunction.

Learn more: Anet A8 MOSFET Upgrade - Does It Help and How to Do It

Adding a MOSFET is especially important if you 3D print with ABS, as this filament generally requires high bed and extrusion temperatures. But even if you’re sticking to low-temperature 3D printing materials like PLA, it’s wise to ensure that your heated bed isn’t overpowering your motherboard.

Aside from the safety benefits, the MOSFET also allows users to apply a second power supply unit (PSU), which will drastically reduce the time it takes your heated bed to reach its set temperature.

Some users even take it a step further by using two, one for the heated bed and another for the extruder. Priced anywhere from $5-10 a piece, it’s difficult to argue that the MOSFET isn’t a worthwhile Anet A8 upgrade.

Properly assembling the MOSFET does require a bit of hands-on tinkering, but there are a number of resources on YouTube that can help you get started. We plan on installing this Anet A8 upgrade to our own 3D printer kit in the near future, and we’ll be sure to share our firsthand experience with fellow readers.

Once you have your MOSFET, you can even 3D print a holder that will enable you to safely mount it onto your 3D printer.

Where can I buy this Anet A8 upgrade? 


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Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Power Switch

Anet A8/A6 Upgrades - Power Switch

What is this Anet A8 upgrade? This might seem like a simple addition to the Anet A8, but a power switch should be welcomed by 3D printer users with open arms. Believe it or not, the stock Anet A8 kit doesn’t have an actual power switch. You have to plug and unplug the 3D printer to control the power, which is not only an annoyance but also slightly dangerous.

This Anet A8 upgrade might not affect the way your 3D printer works, but convenience and usability can go a long way for 3D printer users, especially those with cheap DIY kits.

Where can I buy this Anet A8 upgrade? 

URBEST Power Socket/Switch

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Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Fiber-Glass Reinforced Belts

Anet A8/A6 Upgrades - Fiber-Glass Reinforced Belts

What is this Anet A8 upgrade? Another Anet A8 upgrade that is highly regarded by the 3D printing community is higher-performance belts, particularly the fiber-glass reinforced belts. Many Anet A8 users feel that the stock belts are cheap and easily stretchable, which of course has a direct impact on your 3D print quality.

There are a couple of reasons why fiber-glass reinforced belts are a good alternative. First and foremost, these enhanced belts are quieter and easier on your 3D printer motors. This Anet A8 upgrade will also provide increased smoothness and accuracy of positioning.

Another factor is that, once you cut the stock belts to install on the X-axis and Y-axis, they are usually too short to use with a tensioner. As you’ll find further down our list of Anet A8 upgrades and mods, 3D printable X and Y-axis tensioners will improve the state of your 3D printer. But to really optimize the way your Anet A8 operates, fiber-glass reinforced belts are a must-have upgrade.

Where can I buy this Anet A8 upgrade? 

6mm GT2 RF Fiber-Glass Reinforced Belts

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Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Igus DryLin Bearings

Anet A8/A6 Upgrades - Igus DryLin Bearings

What is this Anet A8 upgrade? If your idea of an Anet A8 upgrade is one the will reduce the sound of the relatively noisy stock DIY kit, you need to get your hands on some Igus DryLin bearings.

By replacing the stock metal linear bearings with the DryLin alternatives, your Anet A8 will become silent and smooth. These upgraded bearings also don’t rust and are self-lubricating, making them even smoother as time goes on.

You can find a pack of seven Igus DryLin bearings for under $15, a low cost for such an impactful upgrade.

Where can I buy this Anet A8 upgrade? 

Igus DryLin Bearings

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Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Glass Bed

Anet A8/A6 Upgrades - Glass Bed

What is this Anet A8 upgrade? Another area of the stock Anet A8 3D printer that can easily be improved upon is the print area. By installing a glass bed onto your Anet A8, you’ll gain a vast range of benefits. This includes higher adhesive power, making 3D printed parts easier to separate while cooling.

A glass bed will also offer a longer lifespan. If you opt for tempered silicon glass over normal sheet glass, you’ll be able to consistently reach higher temperatures without worrying about cracking your new bed.

Where can I buy this Anet A8 upgrade? 

Heated Glass Bed

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Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Power Supply Upgrade

Anet A8 Upgrades - Power Supply Upgrade

What is this Anet A8 upgrade? Some users feel that the stock power supply unit (PSU) that comes with the Anet A8 is both undersized and underpowered. Luckily, you can upgrade this crucial component with improved alternatives.

However, other users feel that the PSU that comes with the Anet A8 is good enough, and opt to simply 3D print or purchase a mountable fan and attach a fused socket (power switch). While a new PSU isn’t a necessity to improve your 3D printer kit, a higher quality unit will offer a bit more safety and has less chance of breaking down.

There are a few options when it comes to finding a better PSU for this 3D printer. One popular choice seems to be the eTopxizu 30amp power supply, but it’s worth doing your own research to see whether you want to add a new PSU or not. You can learn more by searching through forums like Thingiverse and the 3D printing subreddit r/3Dprinting.

Where can I buy this Anet A8 upgrade? 

eTopxizu 30amp Power Supply Upgrade

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Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Auto-level Sensor

Anet A8/A6 Upgrades - Auto-Level

What is this Anet A8 upgrade?  Any 3D printer user that has had to manually calibrate their machine knows how convenient an auto-level sensor is. Manual calibration can take a long time, and even after you’re finished, the slightest imbalance can cause immense frustration among other assorted 3D printing issues.

So why not make life easier with an auto-level sensor for your Anet A8 kit. You can find this Anet A8 upgrade for around or less than $10, and once installed, you’ll save enough time that makes the small investment undoubtedly worth it.

There are a few factors to consider when shopping for an auto-level sensor. Some, like the BL Touch, are more expensive than other options, but are superior to inductive sensors when utilizing a glass bed. If you still have the stock Anet A8 print bed, than a cheaper sensor might actually work better.

Needless to say, this is one of the Anet A8 upgrades that demands research and other considerations, such as your bed setup, your budget, and your experience with modifying 3D printers.

Where can I buy this Anet A8 upgrade? 

Auto-Leveling Sensor

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Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods E3D Titan Extruder

Anet A8/A6 Upgrades - E3D Titan Extruder

What is this Anet A8 upgrade? If you’re willing to invest some extra money into making your Anet A8 3D printer is good as possible, one of the first Anet A8 upgrades you should look into is the Titan extruder. Originally made by the UK 3D printing accessories producer E3D, this popular extruder setup is perfect for those who want to go beyond 3D printing with basic materials like PLA.

The E3D Titan extruder reduces the risk of material clogging, but that’s not all that this lightweight setup can offer. According to E3D, the Titan extruder includes custom machined teeth on the hobbed gearing, which improves filament grip. The lightweight nature of this kit also provides more torque and higher resolution to the print quality.

All in all, Anet A8 users who wish to print with materials that require high-temperatures will have to tinker a bit. But the Titan extruder is the perfect place to start. If you’re on a budget, you can even opt for a clone extruder rather than E3D’s original.

Where can I buy this Anet A8 upgrade? 

E3D Titan Universal Extruder

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Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods E3D v6 Hotend

Anet A8/A6 Upgrades- E3D v6 Hotend

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? In addition to upgrading your Anet A8 with the Titan Extruder, the E3D v6 hotend is another worthwhile way to improve this DIY kit. This all-metal hotend will grant more reliable high-temperature 3D printing, and will also reduce stringiness and clogging.

Another great thing about the v6 is that it’s fully customizable and compatible with the rest of the E3D ecosystem. This Anet A8 upgrade makes a perfect pair with the Titan Extruder.

Interestingly enough, you can find a clone E3D V6 for much less, but it’s debatable how this replica will perform in comparison to the original hotend. Regardless of which route you choose, the V6 hotend is a must-have Anet A8 upgrade that will take your 3D printer kit to the next level.

Who made this? E3D Online

Where can I buy this Anet A8 upgrade? 

E3D v6 Hotend

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Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods to 3D Print or DIY

So, now you have your Anet A8 upgraded with a few components and accessories purchased from online retailers or the local hardware shop. However, you can also your very own 3D printer to create parts that will improve your 3D printing experience.

You can find an endless amount of 3D printable Anet A8 upgrades and mods on platforms like Thingiverse or MyMiniFactory. Here are some of our favorites Anet A8 upgrades to 3D print.


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods AM8 Metal Frame

Anet A8 Upgrades - AM8 Metal Frame

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? With this Anet A8 upgrade, you add rigidity to your 3D printer by replacing the more fragile acrylic frame with sturdy aluminum. According to the Thingiverse page for this upgrade, the metal frame can be put together with around $55 of materials.

This particular frame, which is one of the most popular Anet A8 upgrades on Thingiverse, uses Misumi 2040 aluminum extrusions and aluminum corner brackets for primary frame connections. Switching out the acrylic frame for an aluminum one will greatly improve your 3D printer’s performance and sturdiness.

There are also a handful of 3D printed parts used in the assembly. Alongside the STL files is a build guide and bill of materials, assisting you as you give your DIY 3D printer a complete makeover.

In addition to the added rigidity, this Anet A8 upgraded frame adds covers that run your wires through the extrusion, keeping that dreaded wire spaghetti under control and out of your darkest Italian food-related nightmares.

Who made this? Pheneeny

What do you need?

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How to build it? Metal Frame Guide 

Where can I find files for this Anet A8 upgrade?  More information available on Thingiverse


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Filament Guide

Anet A8 Upgrades - Filament Guide

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? This simple and quick-to-print Anet A8 upgrade is a filament guide. One aspect that the stock Anet A8 is lacking is a designated route or guidance system for your filament. Once you 3D print this filament guide and mount atop your frame, filament will flow and extrude without encountering any issues.

Who made this? papinist

Download the files: Thingiverse

3D Printer Filament

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Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Extruder Button

Anet A8 Upgrades - Extruder Button

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? Perhaps the most basic Anet A8 upgrade on our entire list, the extruder button is an easy way to increase the comfort of the user. Don’t be fooled, once you start pressing down the stock extruder’s screw, you’ll soon realize how helpful a 3D printed button would be.

You can 3D print the extruder button at 100% infill in just a few moments. Once you mount this Anet A8 upgrade onto the extruder, your calloused fingers will most certainly thank you.

Who made this? dryas

Download the files: Thingiverse


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Anet A8 Centered Fan Duct

Anet A8 Upgrades - Centered Extruder Fan Duct

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? When 3D printing with certain materials, a nozzle fan helps to cool freshly extruded plastic and keep the 3D print in tip-top quality. In its stock format, the Anet A8 doesn’t include one of these fans, but they can easily be 3D printed.

There are a plethora of duct fans available on Thingiverse for this 3D printer, one of the most popular is the Centered Fan Duct created by Arjjk. This unique design snaps right into the extruder fan and forms a UFO-like shape around the nozzle. With holes placed around the entire circle, the nozzle receives fan cooling from every angle, greatly improving the overall quality of your 3D prints.

Who made this? Arjjk

Download the files: Thingiverse


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods X-Axis Cable Chain

Anet A8 Upgrades - X-Axis Cable Chain

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? When assembling the Anet A8 3D printer–particualrly if it’s your first rodeo with a DIY kit– the cabling and wiring can get a bit messy. This 3D printable X-axis cable chain will help you tidy up the cables that you couldn’t properly route.

Not only does this 3D printable Anet A8 upgrade eliminate the mess of wires from spilling out of your 3D printer, it also promotes wire strain relief as well.

There are also plenty of Y Axis cable chains that you can download and 3D print from Thingiverse. These 3D printable Anet A8 upgrades will put you on the path towards having one of the cleanest looking DIY kits on the block.

Who made this? TNS

Download the files: Thingiverse (There’s also a second version available here)


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Customizable E3D v6 Carriage / Bowden Mount

Anet A8 Upgrades - Customizable E3D v6 Carriage / Bowden Mount

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? Some users believe that the stock extruder mount that comes with the Anet A8 3D printer is lacking accessibility and has a negative impact on 3D printing performance. Thankfully, you can 3D print your own Customizable E3D v6 Carriage.

This Anet A8 upgrade was created by designed TNS. There are a handful of benefits that come with this 3D printed setup, including a light and modular design, a better view of the nozzle, several slots for zip ties, better positioning for the cooling fan, and also a customizable sensor holder.

Who made this? TNS

Download the files: Thingiverse


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods X-Belt Tensioner

Anet A8 Upgrades - X-Belt Tensioner

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? It’s great when certain Anet A8 upgrades and mods are designed to work well with others. These 3D printable X-belt tensioners are designed to seamlessly screw into the X carriage in the last point. Having the correct belt tension is an integral part of the FDM 3D printing process.

The belt tension will ultimately prevent your layers from shifting and keep those tolerances super tight. These belt tensioners allow you to better adjust and maintain the right tension of the belts. This particular design tightens against the x-axis rods instead of the right bearing block, preventing binding along the z-axis when the x-belt is being tightened.

Who made this? freemark

Download the files: Thingiverse


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Y-Belt Tensioner

Anet A8 Upgrades - Y-Belt Tensioner

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? Similarly to the X-axis Tensioner featured above, this Y-Belt Tensioner will help keep your belts tightened and your DIY 3D printer kit in peak condition. Aside from the 3D printed parts, you’ll also need five M3 screws and bolts to mount this Anet A8 upgrade to your 3D printer.

Who made this? Photograaf16

Download the files: Thingiverse


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Anet A8 Front & Rear Frame Brace

Anet A8 Upgrades - Front Frame Brace

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? Another common issue that Anet A8 users generally discuss is the stability of the frame. By 3D printing your own front and rear frame brace, you can ensure smoother 3D printing that has less z-wobble.

When reviewing the Anet A8 ourselves, we discovered that the rods at the base of the 3D printer would constantly come loose, effectively throwing off any prior calibration. With these braces, however, you can keep the 3D printer’s frame in a stable and properly assembled condition. In turn, you’ll notice the vast improvement in 3D printing quality once this Anet A8 upgrade is on your 3D printer.

Who made this? Leo_N

Download the files: Thingiverse (Rear Frame Brace / Front Frame Brace)


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Thumbwheel Upgrade

Anet A8/A6 Upgrades - Thumbwheel Upgrade

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? The stock screws on the Anet are small and sometimes just flat out difficult to adjust. This makes it even more frustrating when it comes to achieving that perfect bed level. Using these 3D printable thumbwheels will make fine adjustments easier, and will also keep your fingers more protected.

This 3D printable Anet A8 upgrade screws right into the stock print bed, so you will not need any other components to succeed here. Some kind of automatic bed level sensor is obviously preferable to manual thumbscrew twisting, but those of us that don’t have an auto-leveling sensor can settle for this quick 3D printable fix.

Who made this? Area51

Download the files: Thingiverse


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Bowden Extruder Mount

Anet A8 Upgrades - Bowder Extruder Mount

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? This is a great Anet A8 upgrade if you want to speed up your printer. The best way to achieve that is to transform your stock extruder into a Bowden setup.

This 3D printable Bowden setup snaps right to the stock frame and reuses the stock extruder and motor setup. This mount will make your X carriage lighter, helping to push your printer a little faster and increasing accuracy. Bowden extruders are generally found on Delta-style 3D printers and weigh less than direct extruders. While they are said to be more complex, lightweight Bowden setup could result in more accurate prints at higher speeds.

Who made this? Brogz007

Download the files: Thingiverse


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Raspberry Pi Camera Mount

Anet A8 Upgrades - Raspberry Pi Camera Mount

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? If you want to keep an eye on your Anet A8 while it’s in action, you can mount a Raspberry Pi camera onto your 3D printer. You can setup Octoprint and attach this mount to the print bed and enjoy timelapses and web monitoring. Designer papanist has created a few iterations of this 3D printable mount, and has documented his entire process on Thingiverse.

Who made this? papinest

Download the files: Thingiverse


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Mainboard Cover

Anet A8 Upgrades - Mainboard Cover

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? Another quick and easy Anet A8 upgrade you can 3D print is a mainboard cover. The stock version of the 3D printer has a totally exposed mainboard, and this unique honeycomb design is able to protect the board while keeping space for air to flow.

There are quite a few different mainboard covers available on Thingiverse, but this particular 3D model is made to also house a Raspberry Pi and Relay system. As you continue to improve and upgrade your DIY 3D printer, you should be sure that the most important components are well protected. This 3D printable mainboard cover will give that reassurance.

Who made this? c_wosley

Download the files: Thingiverse


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Anet A8 T Corner

Anet A8 Upgrades - T Corner

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? Need to reduce the z wobble on your Anet A8 3D printer? This quick and easy upgrade will improve the stability and 3D printing quality. Simply 3D print two of these parts and mount them on the top corners of your 3D printer. If all goes according to plan, you should see a reduced z wobble and increase in overall 3D print quality.

Who made this? Electrico

Download the files: Thingiverse


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods M8 Nut Cap

Anet A8 Upgrades - M8 Nut Caps

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? Not all Anet A8 upgrades and mods have to improve the performance or safety of the 3D printer. Some 3D printable parts can serve a strictly aesthetic purpose, much like these M8 Nut Caps.

This 3D printable upgrade is an easy way for you to cover the nuts and bolts of the Anet A8 with a colorful cap. Create your own color scheme or just make your 3D printer prettier with this simple upgrade.

Who made this? Puddlefist

Download the files: Thingiverse


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Power Supply Cover and Switch

Anet A8 Upgrades - Power Supply Cover

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? Let’s face it: The default PSU setup on this DIY kit is not exactly known for its safety.  If you want to be on the safe side, you can protect yourself and turn your 3D printer on and off with a power supply cover and switch. Once you get your power switch setup, you can 3D print this enclosure designed by Puddlefist. The designer has ceated a number of other Anet A8 upgrades and mods, including a cooling fan cover, microSD card extension cover, LED strip mount, and more.

Who made this? Puddlefist

Download the files: Thingiverse

Did we miss any of your favorite Anet A8 upgrades? Comment below and we’ll be sure to add them in the future! 

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