Dec 31, 2017

15 Must-Have Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods

Want to pimp your beloved Anet A8? Thanks to the Anet A8 3D printing community, here are the 15 must-have Anet A8 upgrades and mods to 3D print yourself.

The Anet A8 has been a consistent player in the low-cost end of the printing market. Its still many people’s introduction to the 3D printing technology.

Straight out of the box, the printer delivers good quality prints. But thanks to the Anet A8 community, you can add 3D printed parts and Anet A8 upgrades that will make the printer easier to maintain and improve its print quality.

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Without further ado, here are the must-have Anet A8 upgrades and mods.

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Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods AM8 Mod

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? The greatness of the printing community and the open source nature of many of the products allow us to have great mods. With this Anet A8 upgrade, you add rigidity to the printer by replacing the acrylic frame with aluminum extrusions.

In addition to rigidity, this Anet A8 mod adds covers to run your wires through the extrusion, keeping that mess under control and out of your nightmares.

Who made this? Pheneeny.

Download the files: Thingiverse.


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Power Supply Cover and Switch

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? Let’s face it: The default PSU setup is not exactly safe on the Anet. Some printers that are shipped are probably illegal under some kind of regulations that are being completely ignored. So protect yourself and add convenience to turning your printer on and off with a power cover and switch. Cheap easy to install and many different designs to choose from. Get printing!

Who made this? Puddlefist.

Download the files: Thingiverse.


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Original Prusa i3 MK3 X-Axis

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? Joe Prusa came up with so many great inventions – and made them open source (more here). This also trickles down to an interesting Anet A8 upgrade. Just print the parts and reassemble your x-axis for better cooling – and be ready for the next upgrade on the list.

Who made this? Prusa.

Download the files: Prusa Research.


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Genuine E3D Hotend

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? Upgrading to a cost-effective but still high-quality-like, the E3D lite6 will pair great with the new X-carriage setup your now sporting.

The great thing about the Lite 6 is that it’s fully compatible with the rest of the E3D ecosystem. Not only with their official products but with the massive amount of community additions and mods compatible with their line of hotends.

You can grab a full V6 if you have the cash or upgrade later. Flexibility is king here.

Who made this? E3D Online.

Buy the Anet A8 Upgrade: E3D Online.


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Octoprint

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? More than an “honorable mention” is Octoprint. Adding Octoprint as an upgrade to your printer, it will allow you to remotely monitor your prints, stop you having to run to get your SD card, and allow you easily use Tuning and information commands directly to your printer.

Who made this? Gina Häußge developed Octoprint. It‘s free and open source. If you want to back her work, check out her Patreon campaign.

Download the files: Octoprint.


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods X-Axis Cable Chain

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? Now that we got most of the chains sorted, it’s time to tidy up the ones that we can’t route using these printable cable chains. Allowing some wire strain relief and not having your printer look like its guts are spilling everywhere is a definite good thing.

Who made this? TNS.

Download the files: Thingiverse. There’s also a second version here.


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Bowden X-Carriage with Proximity Sensor

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? This compact and fully featured X carriage gives you an alternative including a blower fan E3D V6 compatibility; adding further to the great community compatibility. The addition of a proximity sensor for automatic bed leveling will allow you better first layers and successful prints. This looks like a well designed all in one system.

Who made this? Jubaleth.

Download the files: Thingiverse.


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Belt Tensioner

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? It’s great when community mods are designed to work well with outer community mods. These belt tensioners are designed to easily screw into the X carriage in the last point. Having correct belt tension is going to keep your layers from shifting and keep those tolerances super tight. These belt tensioners allow you to better adjust and maintain the right tension of the belts.

Who made this? Simhopp.

Download the files: Thingiverse.


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Power Supply Fan Mount

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? Better keep your power supply cool and safe with this 120mm fan bracket. This easily screws into the existing holes in the power supply, so no case modding required.

This Anet A8 upgrade is highly recommended if you’re in a warmer climate as your power supply running too warm can lead to blown capacitors and reduced lifespan. Everyone has some kind of 120mm fan lying around in some old computer somewhere in their home so you should not even need to go and buy one.

Who made this? Overbye.

Download the files: Thingiverse.


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Thumbwheel Upgrade

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? The stock screws on the Anet are small and sometimes difficult to adjust. This males it even more annoying to get that perfect bed level. Using these thumbwheels will make fine adjustments easier and with less finger pains. They screw right into the stock assembly, so you will not need any new components. Some kind of bed sensor is recommended, but if you can’t do that this is a good quality of life upgrade.

Who made this? Area51.

Download the files: Thingiverse.


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Spool Holder Upgrade

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? The stock spool holder is something to be desired. So this is a great alternative. Having vertical mounting decreases your odds of filament getting tangled in the x-axis. No longer having the spool holder on the desk anymore is also a benefit if bench space is at a premium. This spool holder also allows a wide range of filament compatibility. The inner bolts and space also ensure that your spool stays in the middle of the holder which is good to eliminate a source of under extrusion.

Who made this? Mielgo1.

Download the files: Thingiverse.


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Laser Bracket and Mount

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? Not for the faint at heart: This Anet A8 upgrade allows you to mount and configure a laser to your stock hotend. The idea is that you can use your printer for additive and subtractive manufacturing.

Be sure to print in a high-temperature plastic like ABS or PETG. It’s also essential to have laser safety glasses and fire extinguisher on hand. We haven’t tested this mod, so handle with care, please.

If you want to know more about laser cutting with your 3D printer check out this video from Tech 2C.

Who made this? Tyler Rosonke.

Download the files: Thingiverse.


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Snap Fit Bowden Extruder

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? This is a great upgrade if you want to speed up your printer. The best way to achieve that is to change it to a Bowden extruder. This Bowden setup snaps right to the stock frame and reuses the stock extruder and motor setup.

Boden setups make your X carriage lighter. This means you can expect to be able to push your printer a little faster and have greater accuracy as it’s easier to stop a smaller mass dead were it needs to go.

Who made this? Hachiroku.

Download the files: Thingiverse.


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Another Spool Holder

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade?  The threaded rod on the stock spool holder can dig into certain spools. This causes friction and even lead to under-extrusion in your prints.

This mod rectifies that by adapting the threaded rod adding a printed cover and a bearing. This will allow your scoops to smoothy be pulled by your extruder and could improve your print quality overall. This should really come stock on the printer but it’s an easy Anet A8 upgrade to print and install.

Who made this? Triple_S.

Download the files: Thingiverse.


Anet A8 Upgrades and Mods Webcam Mount

What is this Anet A8 Upgrade? This mod allows you to mount a webcam with two points of articulation to your Y axis assembly. This not only allows monitoring of your prints with software solutions like Octoprint but also allow s you to use the great time-lapse features within the software. Showing your amazing prints rising majestically from your bed to share on social media. Show everyone how great 3D printing is.

Who made this? Catchy.

Download the files: Thingiverse.

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