Feb 3, 2019

Alfawise U20 – Here are the Best Cura Profile Settings

The Alfawise U20 is a popular 3D printer amongst budget-minded makers, but the lack of quality Cura settings has left many users stranded. Here are the best Cura profile settings for the Alfawise U20.

When we reviewed the Alfawise U20 in the All3DP office, we were surprisingly impressed with how this machine was able to handle multiple types of PLA filament with elegance and grace. Prior to achieving these prints, however, we encountered a glaring issue that created quite the headache for our editorial team.

The problem? Well, our review unit came with an antiquated version of Ultimaker Cura, a freely available 3D printing slicer software that is the go-to choice for a significant portion of the maker community, and a printer profile that led to lackluster results.

The SD card came with a copy of Cura 15.04.3, a version that was originally released back in 2015, along with pre-determined settings that didn’t do the print quality any justice.

Unfortunately, using this profile and edition of Cura, we were unable to produce prints in decent quality. We did fare better when switching to Simplify3D, but that 3D printing slicer cost $150. And, let’s face it, most makers who opted for this low-priced 3D printer likely won’t be shelling out that much cash for a slicing software that is half the price of the Alfawise U20.

And so, in order to help other Alfawise U20 users that are stranded on slicer island, we’ve decided to produce our own optimized Cura profile settings. If you need to download the latest version of Ultimaker Cura, you can do so here.

Alfawise U20

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Alfawise U20 Cura Profile Settings Alfawise U20 Cura Settings

Here are the steps to downloading and implementing the Alfawise U20 profile settings into Cura.

  1. Download the following file: “Alfawise U20 Cura Profile by All3DP.zip”
  2. Place “Alfawise U20 Cura Profile by All3DP.zip” in Cura’s userdata-directory (for Windows: C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\Roaming\cura\{CuraVersion (e.g. 3.6)}
  3. Extract it using the “Extract Here” function of WinRar or any other Tool with a similar function.
  4. Restart Cura and create a new printer, where you should now be able to select the Alfawise U20 as a Template under “Other”.
  5. Enjoy your profile and start printing with your Alfawise U20 3D printer!

License: The text of "Alfawise U20 – Here are the Best Cura Profile Settings" by All3DP is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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