Jul 25, 2017

20 Fantastic 3D Models of RPG/D&D Miniatures to 3D Print

Love playing D&D or other tabletop role-playing games? This is a tale about where to find fantastic 3D printed RPG / D&D miniatures.

Sure, you could use a nickel to symbolize your half-orc ranger but, sometimes, that just begins feeling a little dull.

How about firing up the 3D printer and printing your character in fabulous 3D? We’ve compiled an awesome list of prints to get your party started.

No need to roll for initiative, just scroll!


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Warrior

3D Printed Warrior (Image: Andrew Stockton)

Okay. You want to be the warrior with the epic sword, face obscured by a thick helmet en route to do something secretive and menacing. This handsome fella can be found on Thingiverse. Just don’t try to go it alone. Trust your teammates, brave warrior. There’s also another iteration of this warrior over here. The Designs are made by Andrew Stockton.


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Dwarf

3D Printed Dwarf (Image: Timothy Weber)

Those long luscious (beard) locks and war cry are just what the tried and true dwarf fan really longs for. Find this guy and his fabulous beard here. It´s made by Timothy Weber.


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Rogue

3D Printed Rogue (Image: Grumpy Bot)

Are you a picker of locks? Stealer of coin purses? This particular thief is the booty for you. Find the design on Thingiverse here. If you’re looking for more of a typical humanoid figure, this rogue here might be more your speed. Or, if you love the FlatMini look, check out the designer’s page for elves, wizards, barkeepers, geometry teachers, and more!


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Ranger

3D Printed Ranger (Image: Sheridan UA) http://www.thingiverse.com/make:119843

Hunt and gather this neato ranger design. Gamers might recognize her as a Dota 2 character, which is probably why her design is so awesome. Find her here. It´s made by Jimbo Jones.


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Monk

3D Printed Monk (Image: John Fulmer)

Don’t underestimate the monks. They may look ordinary but they pack a punch or two. This design is also good for Psions or other similar humanoids. Get it on Thingiverse here. It´s made by John Fulmer.


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Black Mage (Final Fantasy Style!)

3D Printed Black Mage (Final Fantasy Style!) (Image: Matthew Vern)

Why not combine your tabletop persona with Final Fantasy? Yeah, exactly. Start here. The maker Matthew Vern, for some reason, also has Ultros.


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Bard

3D Printed Bard (Image: Joe White)

Lalala — don’t hurt my friends — lalala…” Ah, you spoony 3D printed bard. Every campaign needs one. Find your human minstrel here (made by Joe White). There’s also an adorablely flat Flat Bard (by Grumpy Robot) and Dragonborn Bard (by Anno 1066) available.


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Dark Elf

3D Printed Dark Elf (Image: Filippo Giosba Giovannini)

Some elves are nice and dainty, but not you. You look like you’ve seen some things and it’s scary AF. If someone was brave enough to print you, they should head over to the MyMiniFactory. It´s made by Filippo Giosba Giovannini.


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Wizard

3D Printed Monk (Image: Rockwell McGellin)

Want to go for the most typical of pointy-hatted wizards? This is the absolute cutest little wizard to step into town, ever! Find him (and a cleric, wizard and PAWNS!) over here. It is made by Rockwell McGellin.


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Another Dwarf

3D Printed Dwarves (Image: Max Maurel)

There’s no shortage of dwarven warrior designs out there, including the huge array shown above. Find it here (made by Max Maurel). For a cleaner, simpler look, check out the low-poly warrior over here (made by David Hagemann). There’s also this crazy fire warrior dwarf on Youmagine (made by Harrison Baere).


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Orc

3D Printed Orc (Image: zxqueb)

Orcs! When do they not just look friendly and approachable? Find this cute little guy over here (made by zxqueb). If you want something a little more grotesque, check out this female orc. She’s kind of freaky.


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Total Badass Female Knight

3D Printed Female Knight (Image: Andrew Stockton)

This female knight and her many iterations deserve their own special mention. Not only do we have an ordinary knight with several different poses (find them all here) we also have her with a cat and a tiger to add a little character to a humdrum party. All of them are designed by Andrew Stockton.


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Soldiers

3D Printed Soldiers (Image: Zheng3)

Rally the troops and get ready to storm the castle! Or protect the castle! Just do what you’re told! Like go over to The Forge and download this design! It´s made by Zheng3.


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Another Warrior

3D Printed Figurine (Image: Kirby Downey)

Giant fancy sword? Check. Blaster? Check. Mysterious Mask? Check. This design is for the twelve year old in all of us. Whatever he is, find him at MyMiniFactory. It is made by Kirby Downey.


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Basically Everything

3D Printed RPG Party (Image: Arian Croft)

Thingiverse’s RPG figurine collection is nothing without the work of Arian Croft (AKA dutchmogul) of Ill Gotten Games. Above is just a sample to get you started. The maker has nearly 500 designs, pretty much all of which are awesome RPG pieces. Find the RPG party above here or check out his page to find more cool designs.


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Make Your Own

3D Printed Figurine, Totally Specialized! (Image: Hero's Forge)

3D Printed Whatever!: Love 3D Printing but can’t find that perfect figure? There’s a place called Hero Forge where heroes can craft their character from scratch, choosing race, clothes, items, mounts, and other details. Unfortunately, Hero Forge only sell prints, not design files — yet.


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Brute

3D Printed Brute (Image: Matthew McKeown)

The party sure is in for a surprise with this one! They’ll be cowering the second this bad boy shows his ugly (really ugly) face. Get the files here. It´s designed by Matthew McKeown.


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Beast Token

3D Printed Beast Token (Image: Zheng3)

Did you find a friend in the woods? Or is that your familiar? Wherever he came from, he’ll make a great sidekick! Make sure to take good care of him. He´s made by Zheng3.


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Monsters

3D Printed Monster Manual (Image: Miguel Zavala)

Pick an enemy from the Monster Manual and find it here, or go straight to Shapeways here, and make a DM happy today!They are both made by Miguel Zavala.


3D Printed RPG / D&D Miniatures Horde

3D Printed Figurine Set (Image: Mason Stone)

There’s an awesome 14-piece horde over at Thingiverse ready to gather at the tavern. These D&D minis are styled in a rather straight-forward fantasy, with a little bit more mystery thanks to all the cloaks and hoods. Find this set here. It´s made by Edgar Garcia.


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